The hunting operation is managed through Helisika who take bookings online through their website.

The Trust only allows hunting during two periods in the year: 1 March to 30 May, and 1 October to 20 December.

The change was made for two reasons:

  1. To give the deer a period of rest during the year, and
  2. To make the land available during the summer for other uses such as eco-tourism and the Owners Hīkoi.

Hunters have commented that the two seasons have improved the temperament of the deer, who appear more relaxed than when hunted all the time.

Huts on the whenua are designed for various configurations – from basic accommodation to huts which have more of the luxuries of home.  The Trust has a good repairs and maintenance programme to improve the quality of its huts. The objective is to provide the hunters with a more comfortable, and therefore more enjoyable time during their stay on Trust lands.

Hunting Hunter landscapeHunting Gun sightedHunting men and Helisika 2013