The Trust's first move into ecotourism began with a guided walk for an international customer that began on mountain tops overlooking the Mangamaire river, and ended at the Te Apunga/Tin Kettle hut. The walk included viewing native plants, such as the native carrot, following the trail of a number of long-tailed cuckoo, and experiencing the magnificent scenery. The walk was successful, but uneconomic with only 1 x client.

The Trust continues to investigate extending these walks so they provide a 'Cabin-to-Cabin' experience. The target clients are high-end, which means that a guide will probably be required.

Part of the extended walking investigations considers the building of a high quality Cabin for the 2016/17 summer season that provides a hot shower and flush toilet, with furnishing for a double bedroom, 4 x bunks, and a lounge area where guests can relax. The project is proposed for 2017/18.

For 2016/17, walking tracks will be extended, and new ones built.

A limited amount of mountain biking currently occurs on the land. The Trust will look at developing mountain biking into a major activity and seek to do that with neighbours if that is possible. The track building programme for 2016/17 will consider possible use by mountain bikes. 

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