Helisika operates helicopter charters from a base near Poronui Lodge. It offers a number of services, one of which involves the transport for hunting and trampers onto both public, and private-owned lands.

While exploring new ways for the Trust to maintain control and widen use of the land, the Trust entered into a new Agreement with Helisika for them to provide helicopter services for deer hunters, and to only operate hunting during two annual periods of March-May and October-December.

Helisika hunters HelisikaHelisika heli


Westervelt NZ

The Trust has a strong relationship with Westervelt NZ who operate the neighbouring Poronui Lodge.  We work together to develop mutually beneficial business opportunities.


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Adjoining Landowners

Relationships with other adjoining landowners have grown over recent years to the extent that in a number of cases, significant co-operation is occurring which is benefiting either one, or both parties economically. The Trust is making a concerted effort to strengthen all those relationships. 


Oha Owhaoko Honey Limited Partnership

Owhaoko B & D Trust has entered into a partnership with Oha Honey Limited Partnership.  The business of the Limited Partnership is to collect, store, process and sell natural honey, in particular Mānuka honey.  The limited partners are also working to develop employment and skills training opportunities in the honey sector, for those living in the Tūrangi and Taihape regions.


Oha Owhaoko emblem   Bees on Manuka