Owhaoko B&D Trust administers the following seven (7) land blocks:

  1. Owhaoko B East
  2. Owhaoko B No. 1B
  3. Owhaoko D No. 1
  4. Owhaoko D No. 3
  5. Owhaoko D No. 4B
  6. Owhaoko D No. 8B
  7. Part Owhaoko D7B

Owner Registration:

If you are an owner, or know owners in the blocks above, you can assist us to update our register by providing contact details. Registration gives you the opportunity to receive important Trust communications, hui and AGM notices.

1. Complete your contact details in the form below, then

2. Copy and paste your land details from the Māori Land Online web site into the Message box below -

  a) Name of owner or Trust(ee) as it appears in their search register
  b) Land details eg 20002 Owhaoko D No. 4 B {Owhaoko D4B}.

Click here for further instructions - how to copy owner details.

Register here: