About Us

The Owhaoko B & D Trust administers seven land blocks comprising a total of 13,776 hectares or 34,042 acres.  It forms part of the Mōkai Pātea lands which belong to Ngāti Tamakōpiri, Ngāti Whitikaupeka and Ngāti Whiti Tama. 

Located north of the Napier Taihape Road, the property contains a mixture of steep to very steep mountainous-broken country, easy rolling tussock and moderately steep scrub and forest. 

Our Vision

Ki ngā mana ki ngā mauri o te whenua i raro iho i ngā tikanga o tātou tūpuna The prestige and life force of the land is enhanced beneath the mantle of our ancestral traditions.
Our Mission

The sustainable management and use of all our resources.


What we do

The Trust's focus has gradually changed from internal management of its lands, involving pest and weed control and trying to attract a greater number of hunters to use the hunting blocks, to one of creating jobs for whanau, connecting owners to their land, and generating wealth that can be used to benefit its owners. 

That has meant expanding the way Trust land is used, and developing alliances with neighbours and others who can help the Trust grow and do different things.

The Trust has developed a strong and close relationship with Poronui Station and Lodge. That relationship has enabled the Trust to trial guided walks, and encouraged the Trust to consider investment options in the Manuka Honey sector.

 Mid term, it is conceivable that the Trust will be involved in:

  • Eco tourism involving "fly-in and walk-out" walks and mountain biking, between quality Cabins both on and off Trust lands
  • Manuka Honey production, manufacture and retail sale, and
  • A mix of guided and unguided hunting